Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Baker is an emerging visual artist whose work is inspired by her experiences and perceptions of the everyday world around her. An oil painter, her style is realistic with multi-layered, subliminal and figurative references, focusing on the unseen and imagined story behind the image and framed within man-made and natural environments.

‘It’s in those profound glimpses of the everyday world around me that I see a painting, sometimes it’s a scene that encapsulates a contemporary concern that I want to express through painting or just aesthetically engaging things like the rhythmical folds of fabric or the shadow effects of strong light.’

‘Since graduating from the Tasmanian School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) and a Masters of Fine Art and Design I have continued to investigate and experiment with different grounds and paint application techniques as my practice develops.’

Suzanne lives and works in the Whitsundays, Queensland.